7” Wafull “Frostbite” Edition Available this Thursday (May 6th) at 10 AM PT

Have you ever wondered what became of that weird tasting ice cream you left in your freezer? I assume you've never found your frostbitten snacks looking quite like this. The coldest Wafull yet, Wafull XL “Frostbite” edition is sure to give the rest of your collection chills.

Available this Thursday (May 6th) at 10 AM PT

Limited edition of 35

$70 each + shipping

Each 7” “Frostbite” Wafull figure will include a signed COA, paper cone sleeve, and stamped burlap bag.

This is the final 7” Wafull release cast by @bean_largent_art. I am excited to announce that I will be taking over all future casting and molding. Since I finally have the space I need I can push forward with learning to cast with the proper tools at my disposal. In the past my resin casting was done without proper space, adequate ventilation, or tools like a pressure pot or vacuum chamber which I felt hindered my ability to make quality casts safely and effectively. I’ve been learning everything I can over the last few months and I feel confident in finally taking this next step in toy making. I expect a small learning curve but with the guidance of this incredibly talented community I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m producing quality bubble free casts of my own.

A huge thank you to @bean_largent_art for helping me produce this wonderful figure over the last year in quantities that would have been impossible for me in my previous living situation. I will have one final 3.5” Wafull release cast by Bianca that will be releasing to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Wafull toward the beginning of June.