Introducing Channel The Retro Television



I’m so excited to introduce the latest member of the  Leftover Toys family!

Channel the Retro Television

Channel is the first modular designer toy from Leftover Toys, allowing for distinct customization options, regardless of artistic abilities. Each figure will include removable antenna, legs, knobs, and screen, allowing you to swap pieces between different variations of Channel, creating customization options as unique as you. The pieces will all be held together using a system of magnets that allow the user to easily swap pieces and dial in their perfect Channel. It doesn’t stop there, Channel will also include a removable fake plug-in accessory that isn’t shown here in the render. When fully assembled, the figures stands almost 4” tall and a little more than 3” wide, making this one of the biggest Leftover Toys pieces to-date and perhaps my favorite. Did I mentioned the knobs can be twisted? Packaging elements are still in the prototyping stage and more info will be available at a later date.

A lot of thought and time was put into the design of Channel the Retro Television to ensure that every last detail was how I originally envisioned it. To help bring that vision to life, I had the incredibly talented @conn_kriha bring my control drawings to life with his 3D sculpting expertise.

The original idea for Channel came up quite spontaneously as I was designing assets for my Twitch back in April. I was working to create various icons that I could use on Twitch when I got this fun idea for a little TV character that was originally intended for my intermission screen. In the following days I kept coming back to my idea and it just didn’t feel right, not because I thought the design wasn’t good, but because my gut told me it needed to be something more. From that point I got to work refining the idea from the ground up. I created my control drawings and drafted measurements to get a sense of what I wanted this new figure to look like. After a few weeks of drafting, refining, and building mock-ups in Blender, I knew the control drawings were finally ready to go.

Growing up, I was essentially raised by TV similar in style to Channel the Retro Television and between the SNES and Genesis, I practically lived on channel 3. Channel the Retro Television is my love letter to technology of the past and designer toys as a whole. It’s my hope with Channel to evoke a similar sense of nostalgia in all of you while introducing a fun new way to explore your creativity through the figures customization options.