Leftover Toys' "Black Friday" Mystery Box

If you're looking for a way to kick off your holiday shopping the right way, look no further! The "Black Friday" Mystery Box is the best way to jumpstart a Leftover Toys collection or to just grow the one you already have. With chances at such amazing possibilities like prototypes and artist proofs, passing this one up won't be easy.

Oh yeah, did I mention that each box has a minimum of $99 in value for only $50!?

If that caught your attention, read on below for more info and important details.


Leftover Toy's "Black Friday" Mystery Box is limited to 50 boxes.

Each has a guaranteed $99 minimum value and includes:

1 x Ributt Vinyl Figure, 1 x Resin Figure, 3 x Enamel Pins, and 1 Sticker!


Ributt Vinyl: Each box contains one of the following.

Ributt Prototype - Irradiant Death, Acidic, Frostbite, Original - 4 Total Available (08%)

Ributt “Irradiant Death” LE 75 - 2 Available (04%)

Ributt “Original” - 16 Available (32%)

Ributt “Acidic” - 16 Available (32%)

Ributt “Croaked” 12 Available (24%)


Resin: Each box contains one of the following:

Ributt (V1) “Orange Soda” figure (2019) - 1 Available (02%

Wafull “Spoiled” 7-inch figure - 11 Available (22%)

Wafull “Frostbite” 7-inch figure - 2 Available (04%)

Wafull “Birthday Party” Hand-Painted 3.5-inch figure - 6 Available (12%)

Wafull “Cherry Cola” 3.5-inch figure - 2 Available (04%)

Wafull “Orange Shimmer” 3.5-inch figure - 10 Available (20%)

Wafull “Pistachio Pint” 3.5-inch figure - 1 Available (02%)

Wafull “Ube” 7-inch figure (AP) - 1 Available (02%)

Wafull “Ube” Color Test (AP) - 2 Available (04%

Wafull “Ketchup & Mustard” 3.5-inch figure - 5 Available (10%)

Wafull “Mystery Flavor” (Glow) 3.5-inch figure - 9 Available (18%)


Enamel Pins: Each box contains 3 different pins from the following:

Ributt “Gold” - 1 Available (02%) 

Ributt “Drippy Mess” - 20 Available (40%) 

Ributt “Slimy Mess” - 6 Available (12%)

Ributt “Patchwork” 10 Available (20%)

Ributt “Astro Frog” (blue suit) 10 Available (20%)

Ributt “Astro Frog” (white suit)  - 13 Available (26%)

Ributt “Sprinkled Donut” - 8 Available (16%)

Ributt “Original” - 40 Available (80%)

Wafull “Sprinkled With Love” - 10 Available (20%)

Wafull “Classic Cone” - 10 Available (20%) 

Wafull “Acidic” + Bonus Sticker - 10 Available (20%)

Wafull “Creamsicle” - 10 Available (20%)

Wafull “Candy Cone” AP - 2 Available (04%)


Sticker: Each box contains one of the following:

Ributt “Irradiant Death” - 15 Available (30%)

Ributt “Original” - 15 Available (30%)

Ributt “Astro” - 10 Available (20%)

Ributt “Melting Mess” - 10 Available (20%)


*The probability of receiving each item is listed after each corresponding item in parenthesis.


In addition to the above some boxes will also include an additional surprise pin or print!


Important Info:

Limit of 3 boxes per customer.

Orders must be individually placed!

Please ensure your cart doesn't contain any other items before checkout.

Failure to follow the above may result in the delay or possible cancelation of your order.

Each mystery box will be prepackaged in identical boxes prior to the event to ensure the distribution is as fair as possible.

*Please note that I cannot guarantee you won’t receive duplicates of an item if you order multiple boxes but I will do my best to provide the most variety in every box based on the above quantities.

Available only during the month of November or while supplies last.

Every mystery box purchased will be shipped the following business day. 

Worldwide shipping available.