Original and “Swamp Water” edition Ributt are dropping August 8th!

Are you guys ready for the first two variants of Ributt in his new vinyl form?!

These little amphibians will be leaping your way soon!

Details below

Original edition - A loyal frog who can make his home almost anywhere, Ributt is always seeking big adventures and even bigger snacks. Will you invite this amphibious friend into your collection or leave him out in the rain?

This variant is an open edition and will be restocked throughout 2021-22. 50 pieces will be available for the initial release for 2020 - $30+shipping

“Swamp Water” edition - From murky depths, this swampy green variant is the first limited edition release of Ributt and is sure to leave others green with envy at your new froggy companion. 50 piece limited edition - $35+shipping

Figures will be available August 8th at 10 AM PST in 2 options:

Each figure will be available for individual purchase


Bundle option - 25 bundles will be available that include both Ributt variants, a ributt enamel pin (updated ”OG” 1.25 enamel pin) and an exclusive 5x7 print that wont be available outside this bundle. $65+shipping

Be sure to grab this initial release before It leaps away!

*Figures are in-hand and will ship the following Monday.