Welcome to Leftover Toys!

    13 months ago I introduced the world to Ributt & Fleye. Since then things have grown and changed in ways that I would have never imagined possible. Ributt & Fleye was started merely as a vehicle for me to explore my passion for designer toys and document experimentation during resin casting. Before long, and to my amazement, I started receiving support and feedback from artists and collectors alike, I felt truly humbled. Fast forward a few months and I found myself with a variety of figures in Ributt & Fleye, Clove the Bull, and Worm the Caterpillar. With new figures on the way, I came to the realization that Ributt & Fleye as a whole was starting to outgrow the current name.

Lists of potential names came and went without anything fitting and the idea of a rebranding was dismissed without much thought. By the reveal of This is Wafull, renaming had been a constant thought, leaving me with a list of leftover names that seemed alright but nothing felt just right. The variety of the potential names were reminiscent of the variety of toys that you might have found if you dug through my childhood collections.

The thing about collecting, both when I was younger and now, is that for me, it has always been about the leftover joy, not just the instant gratification one has after discovering a new collectible, a long-lost piece of nostalgia, or pondering the simple memory of a convention with friends.

I realized the name had been on the tip of my tongue the entire time.

Leftover Toys

With Leftover Toys, my goal is to create vinyl toys, resin figures, collectibles, and more that embody what collecting has always been about to me:

Enjoyable experiences that create leftover fun, leftover memories, and leftover friends.

Being leftover doesn't have to be a bad thing.

I'm so excited to take the next steps of this journey with you all and I couldn't be luckier to have such a supportive group of people that have instilled in me the confidence to always challenge myself.

 -Johnny Dean


For customer service or business inquiries, please email Leftovertoys@gmail.com