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This is Wafull Holiday Mystery Box

This is Wafull Holiday Mystery Box

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Get those collectible appetites ready for Leftover Toys’ second holiday mystery box. This time around, the box is all about This is Wafull.

Each box contains a minimum value of $40 and is guaranteed to contain one 3.75” This is Wafull figure with a chance to receive additional items like enamel pins. You might even get lucky and pull an artist’s proof, hand-painted, or other rare This is Wafull figure.*

DesignerCon 2022 exclusives are not included in the mystery box.


Each box has a chance to receive one of the following:

Summertime Sorbet Edition

Toxic Drumstick Edition

Midnight Shimmer Edition

Little Evil Edition

Nearly Neapolitan Edition (chocolate)

Nearly Neapolitan Edition (strawberry)

Nearly Neapolitan Edition(vanilla)

Silver Sky Edition

Aquatic Sunrise Edition

Lilac City Scoop Edition

Strawberry Milk Edition

Iced Coffee Edition

Melted Melon Edition

Birthday Party Edition (AP)

Drumstick Edition (Hand-painted)

Toxic Drumstick Edition (AP)

Wafull Melon Edition (Hand-Painted AP)

Emerald Emergence Edition (AP)

Freezer Burned Drumstick Edition (AP)

8-Bit Edition Edition (AP)

Random boxes will also include one of the following This is Wafull enamel pins:

This is Wafull Acidic Edition Enamel Pin

This is Wafull Creamsicle Edition Enamel Pin

This is Wafull Sprinkled with Love Edition Enamel Pin

This is Wafull Classic Edition Enamel Pin


Each box has been prepackaged to ensure the distribution process is as fair as possible. All orders placed during the initial release will ship the same day.

Due to the nature of mystery boxes, we cannot guarantee that you do not receive duplicate figures if you buy multiple boxes.



United States: 2-7 business days

International Shipping: 5-21 days*

*Varies based on shipping selected at checkout.

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