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This is Wafull Iced Coffee Limited Edition Resin Figure

This is Wafull Iced Coffee Limited Edition Resin Figure

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Did I drink too much caffeine, or am I shaking because Winter is no time for iced coffee?

Either way, Wafull is here to espresso himself regardless of what season it is. Cool drink or frosty treat? You don't have to choose when you "Scoop" up the latest This is Wafull.

This is Wafull, a triple scoop of existential flavor. Slowly dripping away, this abandoned cone has yet to fully realize it's fate as a puddle of sidewalk sugar. Will you scoop up this adorable trio, or let them melt away?

*This item is not edible or intended for human consumption.

Limited edition of 14

Size: 3.5”

Material: Resin

Year: 2022

Shipping: United States 3-7 business days (Canada and UK allow 7-21 days)

Strict limit of 1 per person. Duplicate orders or orders of more than one will be canceled.

*This item is a work of art and not a toy. Not safe for small children.


United States: 2-7 business days

International Shipping: 5-21 days*

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