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This is Wafull Drumstick Limited Edition Hand-Painted Resin Figure

This is Wafull Drumstick Limited Edition Hand-Painted Resin Figure

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Is it Ice cream? Is it a turkey leg? Let's just compromise and call it a drumstick. This is Wafull “Drumstick” edition might be the most savory thing we've done yet. Don't settle for your leftovers when you could be enjoying ours.

Each figure includes a signed and embossed Certificate of Authenticity card inside of a burlap bag featuring the This is Wafull logo.

This is Wafull, a triple scoop of existential flavor. Slowly dripping away, this abandoned cone has yet to fully realize it's fate as a puddle of sidewalk sugar. Will you scoop up this adorable trio, or let them melt away?

*This item is not edible or intended for human consumption.

Limited edition of 13

Size: 3.75”

Material: Resin, Acrylic

Year: 2021

Shipping: United States 3-7 business days (Canada and UK allow 7-21 days)*

*Worldwide Shipping Available - Delivery time is dependent on location.

Strict limit of 1 of each size per person. Duplicate orders or orders of more than one will be canceled.

*This item is a work of art and not a toy. Not safe for small children.


United States: 2-7 business days

International Shipping: 5-21 days*

*Varies based on shipping selected at checkout.

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