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Worm Neon Cemetery Limited Edition Double-Cast Resin Figure

Worm Neon Cemetery Limited Edition Double-Cast Resin Figure

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Faint thumping is heard deep below the ground. There is no denying that these are the sounds of the dead... but are they having a party? That really sounds like bass to me.

Worm Neon Cemetery Edition is available in three different colors - green, pink, and purple. You can choose one or all grab all three!

Meet Worm! Worm is a an anthropomorphic caterpillar who hasn’t figured out the whole “metamorphosis” thing. Despite his differences, Worm is happy exactly as he is.

Each figure comes with a signed and embossed Certificate of Authenticity, a scratch-resistant velvet bag, and special edition Worm packaging.

Green limited edition of 15

Purple limited edition of 11

Pink limited edition of 10

Double-cast resin

Size: 2”

Material: Resin, Acrylic,

Year: 2022

Shipping: United States 3-7 business days (Canada and UK allow 7-21 days)*

*Worldwide Shipping Available - Delivery time is dependent on location.

Strict limit of 1 of each style per person. Duplicate orders or orders of more than one will be canceled.

*This item is a work of art and not a toy. Not safe for small children.


United States: 2-7 business days

International Shipping: 5-21 days*

*Varies based on shipping selected at checkout.

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